Rankin Bass Frosty The Snowman Art & Frosty The Snowman Animation Cels

Several months ago I had the honor to do several pieces for a Rankin Bass art show. I have always been a huge fan of all the Rankin Bass Christmas specials. One of my facorites was Frosty the Snowman. Sadly traditional animation arthas become a fallen art since so many companies now use computers. I chose to do traditional hand drawn cels. One Frosty piece I did was done on plexiglass but done the same way an animation cel would be done but with a twist. If you push the center of the flower on Frosty’s hat it plays audio from the scene where the hat is placed on his head. If you push it again it plays the Frosty the Snowman theme song. I did another piece in a shadow box. Instead of one layer I did 3 layers of animation cels which gave the piece a 3D look. It also had a small scale fence with lights that you can turn off and on. Another piece was done asa standard traditional animation cel. I still have all the pieces. If interested in them please send me a message. Thanks and enjoy

Frosty the Snowman animation cel, Frosty the Snowman art

Frosty the Snowman animation cel

Frosty the Snowman animation cel

Frosty The Snowman Animation Cels, 3D

Forsty the Snowman Cel, Frosty  the Snowman Art

Frosty the Snowman Large Animation Cel with Lights and Audio

Star Wars Artwork, Star Wars Topps Artwork, Etc.

For those who visit my website sorry I havent posted in a long time I have been very busy. Here are a bunch of new paintings I have been working on, One of which was used for Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back sub-set base card. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back as I have a lot more coming out this year.

Boba Fett, Boba Fett With Gun

Boba Fett


Star Wars Sandtrooper

Princess Leia, Slave Leia

Slave Leia/Princess Leia Return of the jedi art

Return of the Jedi

Speeder Bike

Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Topps card

Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Illustrated card

Yoda photo,

Yoda Oil Painting

Custom Painting, Star Wars Art, etc

Well summers over for the most part and Christmas will sneak up on us fast. At least it seems that way in the stores lately as they start putting each holiday items up earlier each year. This year we are offering custom paintings that you can give as gifts. We can paint pretty much anything but our specialty is portraits. Would your Loved One like a painting of themselves as a Stormtrooper, a painting of your kids, your pets, your favorite movie character? Because of our tight schedules we ask that you contact us a few months before the event you want an item for, holiday etc. We will have an updated site soon where you can submit an image to us, give details, etc. For now please let us know the size you would like the painting, the subject matter and when you need the painting. We can give you a quote then. Please click here to submit your info.

Boba Fett Art Star Wars Painting of Pricess Leia Disney Art Tigger

Star Wars A New Hope Illustrated Sketch Cards

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